Global Bitcoin Hackathons 

BitHack events are hackathons focused on the future of money, bitcoin and other use for the blockchain you can think of. Developers, designers, and entrepreneurial participants are welcome to attend. The event begins with pitching ideas, each attendee has 60 seconds to pitch. Following pitches attendees vote on the best ideas and form into teams. Attendees hack on their project and then deliver a short demo at the end of the event to the room.

Get Involved

The Future of Money

Bitcoin Projects

Bring an existing project or pitch a new one. Come as a team or form a new team onsite


Hack, Hack, Hack from morning till night

Food & SWAG

Coffee, food and swag are included for each attendee

Meet Bitcoiners

Meet developers, miners, investors, and others passionate about bitcoin


Show off what you built. No slides allowed!

Grow the Ecosystem

Learn, share, help grow the ecosystem of apps, merchants and speculate on going to the moon

What People Think About Bitcoin

Barry Silbert Founder & CEO - "Join the BitHack revolution. Help build a better, more open, trusted and accessible financial system for the world."